What a 500-year-old book teaches us about UX and empathy.

Astronomer Copernicus, or Conversations with God, 1873, by Matejko. In background: Frombork Cathedral

For nearly 500 years, astronomers have embraced the belief that the Earth travels around the Sun. Nicolaus Copernicus wrote about his heliocentric theory in his 1543 book, On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres.

Copernicus’ work revolutionized astronomy. However, at the time, many people did not agree with his theories…

Train at dawn

Hiawatha Service 332 bypasses the steady state of arterial road traffic between Milwaukee and Chicago. In 89 minutes, the train’s riders depart Miltown’s intermodal gateway and eventually find themselves in the heart of Chicago’s Union Station. Long an early morning refuge for blurry-eyed salespeople and late-night party-goers, Hiawatha attracts a…

When designing experiences, favor what users already know.

Michigan J. Frog was unlike any other frog. He sang. He danced. He was destined for stardom. In Warner Bros.’ 1955 cartoon, One Froggy Evening, a construction worker freed Michigan from a time capsule buried within a recently demolished building’s cornerstone. Upon reaching the…

Edward Stull

User experience designer and researcher | author of UX Fundamentals for Non-UX Professionals http://amzn.com/1484238109

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